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 InterContinental Hotel Archives Neal Prince ASID Dale Keller
Neal Prince, Pat and Dale Keller (Dale Keller & Associates, 2006)

Mr. Prince hired Mr. Dale and Pat Keller (Dale Keller & Associates) on several of the InterContinental Hotel Middle Eastern and Asian Properties, as being the worlds Leading International Hotel Designers in Projects that InterContinental Hotel were the First International Hotel Chain to build or to Established with those new Markets. Dale and Pat creatively worked so very well directly with Mr. Prince or as Independent Consultants and Designer in allowing InterContinental Hotel Properties to be known for their great detail and designs. By which allowing the Properties to become known by their own personalities for the International Business or Tourist Traveler. Dale and Pat remain active within the industry as consultants. Listed below are their Bio's:






Dale Keller is the Pioneer of Hotel Interior Design in Asia, having arrived in Japan in 1953 to attend the Tokyo University Graduate School of Architecture, where he studied the history of Japanese and Chinese Architecture.


In 1955, Dale Keller established his own design firm designing the interiors of factories, offices and clubs.  In 1957 he met his wife-to-be, Patricia, who had stopped in Tokyo on a design study tour of the world.  Patricia and Dale Keller are both graduates of Interior Design from the University of Washington and following her graduation; Patricia worked on the interior design for hotels in the United States of America, British Columbia, Denmark and France.


The first job together for Patricia and Dale Keller was the Marunouchi Hotel - Tokyo, followed soon after by the Okura Hotel and the Tokyo Hilton.  In 1961 they were invited to create the interior design of the Hong Kong Hilton.  This move triggered the start of an odyssey taking them worldwide with offices in Hong Kong, London and New York.


The Keller's' interior design practice soon grew into the largest interior design firm in the world specializing in the hospitality industry, annually being listed as number one in the Interior Design magazine list of "Giants in Hotel Design", with hotel designs underway in Manila, Bangkok, Singapore, Bombay, Delhi, Madras, Colombo, etc. In 1965, they were appointed interior designers for the first luxury resort to be built in Asia - the Bali Hyatt at Sanur Beach, Indonesia.  This became a land mark project involving the Keller's deeply into the arts and crafts of Indonesia, spending much time studying the craft techniques of Bali and Java.  The results were breathtaking and a resort of great charm was created with a strong national identity; a resort that could only have been created in Bali.  The entire interior - every piece of furniture, lamps, cushions - were actually fabricated in sheds on-site as there were no furniture factories as such in those days in Bali.


The Bali Hyatt won many Design Awards and operates as a very successful resort hotel to this day.


India became a cultural bridge for the Keller’s westward odyssey with work in Bombay, New Delhi and Madras.  India’s rich Mogul architectural heritage inspired many of the interiors in these projects.


The Keller's work expanded rapidly taking them into the Middle East, Europe and North America.


The 1970’s Middle East economic boom brought new challenges also new and ancient cultures to be studied and adapted to their work – Greek, Roman and Islamic.


Projects in Greece and Cyprus were inspired by Greco-Roman design elements where as the work in Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Bahrain and Doha was themed on Islamic design motifs.


In 1976 the fully restored and expanded Manila Hotel opened to great response.  This hotel was built in the early years of the 20th century, survived the second World War and fell into disrepair.  It was saved from demolition because of its landmark reputation.  The Keller's gained great satisfaction in restoring this early Twentieth Century landmark which has won many awards worldwide.


The simple and serene Interior Design of the Regent at Hong Kong (now the Intercontinental Hotel) set a new standard creating the bench mark for all future 5-Star Hotels, the impact of which has continued into the 21st Century.


Dale Keller was responsible for encouraging PATA to establish a Pacific Asia Heritage Society to actively pursue the protection and preservation of Asian landmarks, culture and living national treasures.  This has now become the PATA Foundation which actively sponsors seminars in various Asian countries and gives scholarships to worthy individuals.


The Keller's were invited by the Sultan of Brunei to design the interior of his new Palace, the "New Istana", the largest palace in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records.  A "chance of a life time" project.


China has always held a deep fascination for Dale Keller since his days at Tokyo University.  In 1972 the Keller's were officially invited to China to study Chinese rug production in Beijing and Tianjin.  In 1979 they started working on the first "modern" hotel to be built in China, the Fragrant Hill Hotel, in the foothills outside of Beijing.  They worked for three years with I.M. PEI Architects to create a low rise "Chinese Style" hotel built around the remains of a 200 year-old Garden; a garden built for the Emperor K'ang Shi.  The Keller's subsequently have created hotel interiors in major cities throughout China.


The Aman and the Four Seasons Resort in Bali are indeed high points of their career.  Here they were able to put to work their long experience in Indonesia and indeed their love for the Balinese culture.  They feel the design teams that created these resorts were ideal - architecture, landscape design, engineering and dedicated workmen.  The results give the Keller's great satisfaction and they know that in time, thousands of guests will experience the serenity, the solitude and the grace of these unique environments.


Working as design consultants the Keller's helped create the Prince Maurice resort, Mauritius and the Lemura Resort and Golf Hotel in the Seychelles.


Patricia and Dale Keller won the 1999 Lifetime Achievement Award for their International Careers as Hotel Designers.  The award was presented to them at a Gala dinner at the Dorchester Hotel in London on the 6th December, 1999.


Patricia and Dale Keller continue to offer design consultancy services from their new home/studio in Bellevue, WA, United States.


Patricia & Dale Keller                                          Tel:         1-425-256-0648

Suite 1108

Pacific Regent

919 109th Avenue NE

Bellevue, WA 98004

United States                                                                      






PROJECT                                                               COMPLETION DATE         CITY



Sheraton Hotel                                                     1973                                        Perth

Kingsgate Hyatt Hotel                                        1973                                        Sydney



Bahrain Sheraton Hotel                                       1982                                        Manama



Fragrant Hill Hotel                                               1983                                        Bejing

Jinling Hotel                                                          1983                                        Nanjing

Jinling Hotel          Interior Renovation             1996                                        Nanjing

Mandarin Hotel                                                    1987                                        Guilin

Jin Jiang Tower Hotel                                          1988                                        Shanghai

Hyatt Regency                                                     1990                                        Xian

Swiss Hotel                                                           1991                                        Beijing

Xinjiang Grand Hotel (Holiday Inn)                  1991                                        Urumuchi

Beijing Hilton Hotel                                             1992                                        Beijing

Kempinski Hotel                                                   1992                                        Bejing

Shangri-La Shenzhen Hotel                                1993                                        Shenzhen

Grosvenor House - Jin Jiang                              1995                                        Shanghai

Cypress Hotel - Jin Jiang                                    1997                                        Shanghai

Pacific Hotel - Jin Jiang                                       1998                                        Shanghai

Jin Jiang Hotel-Pudong                                       2000                                        Shanghai

Radisson Plaza State Guest Hotel                     2000                                        Beijing



Annabelle Hotel                                                   1985                                        Paphos



Hyatt El Salam                                                      1989                                        Cairo

Semiramis InterContinental Hotel                    1992                                        Cairo



Nice Hyatt Hotel                                                  1979                                        Nice



Porto Caras Resort Complex                               1980                                        Halkadiki

Atheaneum InterContinental Hotel                 1982                                        Athens



Guam Hilton Hotel                                               1972                                        Guam



Hong Kong Hilton Hotel(demolished 1997)    1963                                        Hong Kong

Hong Kong Hyatt Regency Hotel                     1970                                        Hong Kong

Furama Hotel(demolished 2003)                        1973                                        Hong Kong

Holiday Inn Hotel, Golden Mile                         1975                                        Hong Kong

Hong Kong Sheraton Hotel                               1975                                        Hong Kong

New World Hotel                                                 1979                                        Hong Kong

Regent of Hong Kong Hotel                              1981                                        Hong Kong

Grand Plaza Hotel                                                 1988                                        Hong Kong

Prudential Hotel & Graphics                              1990                                        Hong Kong

Ellipsis (Apartment Hotel)                                  2002                                        Hong Kong



Akbar Hotel                                                          1971                                        New Delhi

Taj Mahal Hotel                                                   1972                                        Bombay

Oberoi Hotel                                                         1972                                        Bombay

Taj Coromandel Hotel                                         1974                                        Madras

Ashok Hotel                                                         1983                                        New Delhi



Bali Hyatt Hotel                                                    1973                                        Bali

Hotel Borobudur InterContinental                   1974                                        Jakarta

Sari Pacific Hotel                                                  1977                                        Jakarta

Hyatt Bumi Hotel                                                 1980                                        Surabaya

Aman                                                                     1993                                        Bali

Four Seasons Resort                                           1993                                        Bali



Hotel and Casino Resort                                     1977                                        Kish Island

Hyatt Crown Hotel                                               1978                                        Tehran



Marunoichi Hotel                                                 1961                                        Tokyo

Okura Hotel                                                           1963                                        Tokyo

Tokyo Hilton Hotel                                              1963                                        Tokyo

Okinawa Hilton Hotel                                          1972                                        Okinawa

Ibusuki Kanko Hotel                                           1972                                        Ibusuki

Hayashida Onsen Hotel                                      1973                                        Kirishima

Kagoshima Kanko Hotel                                     1973                                        Kasoshima

New Otani Hotel                                                   1986                                        Osaka



Hyatt Regency Hotel                                           1983                                        Macau

Hotel Royal                                                           1983                                        Macau



Kuala Lumpur Hilton Hotel                                1972                                        Kuala Lumpur

Hyatt Hotel                                                           1980                                        Kuantan

Hyatt Hotel                                                           1981                                        Kota Kinabalu

Subang View Hotel                                              1982                                        Kuala Lumpur



Prince Maurice Resort                                         1999                                        Mauritius


Soaltee Oberoi Hotel                                           1979                                        Kathmandu



Lahore Hilton Hotel                                             1977                                        Lahore

Karachi InterContinental Hotel                        1977                                        Karachi

Lahore InterContinental Hotel                          1980                                        Lahore

Peshawar InterContinental Hotel                     1980                                        Peshawar

Rawalpindi InterContinental Hotel                  1980                                        Rawalpindi

Karachi Hilton Hotel                                            1981                                        Karachi



Manila Hotel                                                         1976                                        Manila

Manila Hyatt Hotel                                              1976                                        Manila

Philippine Plaza Hotel                                          1976                                        Manila

Regent of Manila Hotel                                       1977                                        Manila

Shangri-La Mactan Island Resort                     1992                                        Cebu

Manila Peninsula Hotel (Renovation)              1996/2000                               Manila



Doha Sheraton Hotel                                           1982                                        Doha



Dammam Oberoi Hotel                                        1979                                        Dammam

Jeddah Hyatt Hotel                                              1980                                        Jeddah

Marriott Hotel II                                                   1980                                        Riyadh

Riyadh Hyatt Hotel                                              1981                                        Riyadh

Red Sea Palace Hotel                                           1982                                        Jeddah



Limuria Resort of Praslin                                     2000                                        Praslin



Ming Court Hotel                                                 1970                                        Singapore

Singapore Hilton Hotel                                       1970                                        Singapore

Summitt Hotel                                                       1971                                        Singapore

Oberoi Imperial Hotel                                          1971                                        Singapore

Hotel Malaysia                                                     1976                                        Singapore

Singapore Hyatt Hotel                                        1977                                        Singapore

The Pan Pacific Hotel                                          1987                                        Singapore



Chosun Beach Hotel                                           1974                                        Busan

Seoul Plaza Hotel                                                 1983                                        Seoul

Kyong-ju Hilton Hotel                                        1992                                        Kyong-ju



Lanka Oberoi Hotel                                              1974                                        Colombo



Khartoum Hilton                                                  1974                                        Khartoum



Damascus Sheraton Hotel                                  1978                                        Damascus

El Cham Hotel                                                       1982                                        Damascus



Ambassador Hotel                                               1966                                        Taipei

Shangri-La Hotel                                                  1981                                        Taipei



Bangkok Sheraton Hotel                                     1969                                        Bangkok

Rama Hyatt Hotel                                                 1980                                        Bangkok

President Hotel                                                     1971                                        Bangkok

Hotel Indra                                                            1974                                        Bangkok


United States

New York Grand Hyatt Hotel                             1980                                        New York

St Regis Hotel                                                       1981                                        New York



PROJECT                                                               COMPLETION DATE                         CITY



Hirschman Villa-Cap Martin                               1982                                        France



Basil Residence                                                    1980                                        Athens

Angelakis Residence                                           1983                                        Athens

Hydra House                                                        1980                                        Hydra


HONG KONG       

Harilela Family Residence                                   1970                                        Hong Kong

Apartment 102, Sunning Court                          1985                                        Hong Kong

Apartment 903, Sunning Court                          1986                                        Hong Kong

The de Clercq's House, Tai Tam,                       1986                                        Hong Kong

Penthouse-Poshan Road                                    1970                                        Hong Kong



Caspian Sea Villa                                                  1971                                        Iran

Pent House                                                           1971                                        Iran



Al Sulaiman Residence                                       1979                                        Jeddah

Jubail Camp 10, Residential Development       1979                                        Saudi Arabia



Hirschman Jr, Residence                                     1982                                        Zurich



Emmanuel Residence                                           1982                                        London

Tavoulareas Residence                                       1982                                        London

Basil Residence                                                    1980                                        London

Al-Sulaiman Residence                                       1980                                        London


United States

Dakota Apartment                                               1985                                        New York

Executive Penthouse, Olympic Tower              1979                                        New York



Design Consultant



PROJECT                                                               COMPLETION DATE         CITY



New Istana Offices                                              1984                        Bandar Seri Begawan         



Ralli HK Ltd                                                          1971                                        Hong Kong

Societe Generale Hong Kong                             1971                                        Hong Kong

Merban Asia Ltd                                                  1972                                        Hong Kong

Credit Lynonnais HK (Finance) Ltd                  1975                                        Hong Kong

Arthur Young                                                       1977                                        Hong Kong

Marshalls HK Ltd                                                1977                                        Hong Kong

Regent International Hotel Office                     1979                                        Hong Kong

Philippine Commercial International                 1982                                        Hong Kong

William untHHuntHunt &

International (HK) Co Ltd                                   1983                                        Hong Kong

Banque Brussels Lambert S.A.                          1985                                        Hong Kong

IBI (Asia) Ltd, Office I                                         1985                                        Hong Kong

IBI (Asia) Ltd, Office II                                       1985                                        Hong Kong

Min Jiang Co.                                                       1986                                        Hong Kong

Modern China Development Ltd                       1986                                        Hong Kong

Far East Bank Headquarters                               1987                                        Hong Kong

Far East Bank Branch 01

(Alexandra House)                                               1987                                        Hong Kong

Far East Bank Branch 02

(Shun Tak Centre)                                                1987                                        Hong Kong

Far East Bank Branch 03

(Kennedy Town)                                                  1987                                        Hong Kong

Far East Bank Technical Centre                         1987                                        Hong Kong

Far East Bank Branch 04 (Kowloon City)         1987                                        Hong Kong

Far East Bank Branch 05 (Mongkok)                1987                                        Hong Kong

Far East Bank Branch 10 (Austin Road)           1988                                        Hong Kong

Far East Bank Branch 11 (Causeway Bay)       1988                                        Hong Kong

Far East Bank Branch 12 (Shum Shui Po)         1988                                        Hong Kong

Far East Bank Branch 13 (Central)                     1989                                        Hong Kong

Far East Finance 16/F                                          1988                                        Hong Kong

Far East Bank Headquarters

Refurbishment                                                      1988                                        Hong Kong

IBI Offices III                                                        1988                                        Hong Kong

IBI Securities Ltd                                                 1988                                        Hong Kong

Standard Chartered Bank 01

(Kennedy Town)                                                  1988                                        Hong Kong

Standard Chartered Bank 02

(Tse Wan Shan)                                                   1988                                        Hong Kong

Standard Chartered Bank 03

(Aberdeen)                                                            1988                                        Hong Kong

Standard Chartered Bank 04

(Yaumatei)                                                             1988                                        Hong Kong

Standard Chartered Bank  05

(Container-Port)                                                   1988                                        Hong Kong

Standard Chartered Bank 06

(Fung Wong)                                                        1988                                        Hong Kong

Eton Tower                                                           1990                                        Hong Kong



Fuji Bank                                                               1963                                        Tokyo

American Express International Ltd                  1964                                        Tokyo

Chase Manhattan Bank                                      1964                                        Tokyo

Chase Manhattan Bank                                      1965                                        Osaka



Manila Electric Company,

Office Building                                                     1975                                        Manila

Philippine Commercial International Bank       1983                                        Manila




PROJECT                                               COMPLETION DATE         TYPE/CITY


New Istana State Palace                                      1984                        Bandar Sari Begawan

200,000 square metres



National Theatre                                                  1979                        Theatre  Bombay

Architect Philip Johnson



Casino                                                                    1978                        Kish Island

Air Terminal                                                          1978                        Kish Island



Philippine International Conference                 1978                        Manila

and Convention Centre



Royal Pavilions                                                    1978                        VIP Suites              Riyadh

(Riyadh Airport)

Royal Pavilions                                                    1979                        VIP Suites              Jeddah

  (Jeddah Airport)



Executive Jet Convair 880                                   1972                        Aircraft  Basle

Executive Jet 727                                                  1974                        Aircraft  Basle

Executive Jet 707                                                  1978                        Aircraft  Basle


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