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John B. Gates,
Chairman of the Board
Robert Huyot,
Chairman of the Board
Hans Sternick,
Chairman of the Board
John P. Sutherland,
Latin American
Mario Di Genova,
Europe/Africa Divsions
R. Kane Rufe,
Sr. Vice President
Far East/Pacific Division
John C. Carrodus
Sr. Vice President
of Services
Neal A. Prince
Vice President
Graphics and Interior Designs
Departmental Staff and Contractual Designers:
Kenneth Smith,
Charles R Alvey,
Graphic Designer
Richard Simpson,
Graphic Designer
 Bill Embery
Dale & Pat Keller,
Joe Grusczak,
Trisha Wilson,
James Ray Baker,
Irene D'Alessio,
Interior Designer

Arie deZanger,
IHC Photographer


John P. Sutherland, named President – Latin American Division of InterContinental Hotels Corporation by President Robert Huyot, has had extensive experience in South America and thhe Caribbean. He was previously Senior vice President- Operations based in the company’s New York City headquarters. In his new position Mr. Sutherland is based in Miami, Florida.

            Mr. Sutherland joined InterContinental Hotels in 1953 as General Manager of the Hotel El Prado in Barranquilla, Colombia. Subsequent assignments included the positions of General Manager of InterContinental hotels in Santiago, Chile; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Melbourne, Australia; and Caracas, Venezuela where he also held the post of Vice President- Operations Latin America, He was named Senior Vice President – Operations from 1967 to 1981.

            For his contribution toward the development of tourism, the Chilean government decorated Mr. Sutherland with the Orden del Merito.

            Mr. Sutherland had been active in a variety of organizations. He was founder of the President of the Colombian Hotel Association; President of the Chilean Hotel Association; President of the Puerto Rican Hotel Association; Vice President of the Venezuelan Hotel Association; Director of the American Hotel Association; Director of the Hotel Sales Management Association; and Vice President of the American Chamber of commerce in Caracas.

            He was a member of Rotary, La Chaine des Rotisseurs, Hotel Executives club and other organizations.







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